The Selling Process

Once you’ve decided to sell the real work begins. Here’s a rundown of the typical selling process:

  1. Initial Consultation with Agent
  2. Initial Inspection of House
  3. Agent Provides a Comparative Market Analysis to assist in Pricing the Property
  4. Determine the Price
  5. Complete the Listing Contract
  6. Complete the Required Disclosures
  7. Make Necessary Repairs & Improvements to ensure maximum competitive advantage over other properties on the market
  8. Prepare the House for Showings by De-Cluttering, De-Personalizing, & Staging
  9. List the Property for Sale
  10. Market the Property to Attract Qualified Buyers
  11. Show the Property
  12. Receive an Offer to Purchase
  13. Negotiate through Counter Offers
  14. Offer Accepted
  15. Ensure Contract Contingencies go Smoothly
  16. Buyer Financing is Completed
  17. Inspections
  18. Seller Closing Documentation is Completed & Signed
  19. Buyer Closing Documentation is Completed & Signed
  20. Mortgage & Deed are Recorded
  21. Seller is Paid
  22. Transaction is Complete!

This list covers the broad strokes of a “typical” listing transaction, though typical is a bit of a misnomer in the real estate world. Be prepared for several bumps along the way. A good agent will guide you through this process and smooth some of the bumps out.