The Leasing Process

Once you’ve decided to lease your property you’ll have a number of things you need to accomplish:

  1. Initial Consultation with Property Manager
  2. Initial Inspection of House
  3. Agent Provides an estimated rental rate for the Property
  4. Set the Rental Rate
  5. Complete the Management Contract
  6. Complete the Required Disclosures
  7. Make Necessary Repairs & Improvements to ensure maximum competitive advantage over other properties on the market
  8. Prepare the House for Showings by De-Cluttering, De-Personalizing, & Staging
  9. Clean the Property
  10. List the Property for Rent
  11. Market the Property to Attract Qualified Tenants
  12. Show the Property
  13. Screen Tenant Applications
  14. Create the Lease and Property Specific Addendums
  15. Sign the Lease
  16. Obtain Deposit form the Tenants
  17. Complete the Move-In Inspection
  18. Move-In the Tenants
  19. Go over the Lease and Property Policies with the Tenants
  20. Obtain a copy of the Tenant’s Move-In Inspection Form
  21. Ensure Rent is Paid in Full on Time Every Month
  22. Respond to Tenant Requests & Questions
  23. Perform Preventative and Corrective Maintenance as Required
  24. Conduct Periodic Property Inspections
  25. Receive or Give Lease Termination Notice
  26. Schedule Move Out with Tenants
  27. Ensure Tenants Understand Move-Out Requirements & Procedures
  28. Conduct Move Out & Move Out Inspection
  29. Charge Tenants for any Damages or Cleaning Required
  30. Process Tenants’ Security Deposit
  31. Repeat steps 3-31 as Necessary

Property Management is one of the most difficult real estate specialties. A good Property Manager will protect the property, respond to tenants in a timely manner, and ensure all local laws and regulations are adhered to on behalf of the Landlord.