1. singlehoroskop zwilling mann Price it to sell. Take a look at comparable sales in your neighborhood and determine what your house is worth. Deciding to "price it high for a month and see what happens" isn't a good strategy. Your home's first month on the market will generate the most interest and activity-don't waste that opportunity on a dream price you're not going to get. Take a look at comparable properties that are currently on the market. This is your competition, this is who you have to outprice.
  2. site de rencontre gratuit dans le tarn Curb appeal. Cut grass, pull weeds, and rake leaves. Trim those bushes and trees you've been meaning to get to for the past three years. Power wash your home's exterior, sidewalk, and driveway. Clean and paint the front door if needed, also look for all those dead bugs and cobwebs in light fixtures. Finally plant some fresh flowering plants to give it that extra pop.
  3. site de rencontre pour divorcУЉ gratuit Clean, De-Clutter, & De-Personalize. Most home buyers are looking for something move in ready. They're looking for a home that promises an ideal lifestyle, not the reality they already experience on daily basis. This means immaculately clean kitchens and bathrooms. This also means paring down to the essentials. Put the winter coats and desk in the dining area in storage. You'll be surprised how much larger your house looks without all that stuff-and so will buyers. Get rid of any personal effects, you want buyers to visualize your house as their home. That can be difficult to accomplish with family pictures and personal effects everywhere.
  4. http://www.handpickedvillas.net/malkinos/942 Fix what needs fixed. Everyone has those issues they learn to live with in their home. While the caulking that needs replaced in the guest bathroom may not be that big of a deal, buyers may immediately disqualify your house because they "know" there's got to be a mold problem.
  5. araberin kennenlernen Small upgrades. There are a number of cheap upgrades that really can add pop or bring back that new feel:  Landscape lighting, fresh paint, new light fixtures or ceiling fans, new door knobs and locks, new sinks and faucets, towel bars, cabinet hardware, toilet seats, light switch plates, and electrical outlet covers. It may be possible to do all of the above for under $1,000 depending on the size of your house.
  6. online dating jacksonville florida Highest and best use. This real estate term doesn't only apply to entire properties. Often times we repurpose that kitchen nook or tiny bedroom into an office or hobby area. Unpurpose it! Show the room's best potential by rearranging furniture.
  7. donde puedo conocer gente en el df Hide the pets. We love our furry friends but not all buyers do. Hide the basket of toys, leashes, bowls, and especially litter boxes. Ask your friends or neighbors to stop by and see if they notice anything that might give them away like smells.
  8. top 20 speed dating questions Highlight your neighborhood. Be sure your marketing conveys why living where you live is so great. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant or shop nearby or maybe its the great park at the entrance of the neighborhood. Whatever it is, be sure to let the buyers know.
  9. my explanation Don't forget the backyard. Highlight the potential of this sometimes underutilized space by ensuring the landscaping is neat and staging it appropriately. This could mean a couple of chairs and a table or perhaps a new grill and fire pit. Make sure the fence is in good condition and all gates work without having to apply Jujitsu skills.
  10. mannheim important dates Make the property easy to show. If you want to sell your house people have to see it in person. Your house should be available as much as possible (including mornings, evenings, and weekends) with as little notice as possible. Buyers may call an agent and want to see six homes the same day and choose that evening. If you're home is unavailable because you require a one day notice then you've just eliminated your property as a possibility and don't count on the buyers rescheduling. When your house is being shown you need to leave. Buyers can't make an emotional connection with the home if the owners are present.